utah-felony-attorney-david-laurence-altman-st-george-felony-lawyer_2A felony is a major crime which can be punished with imprisonment and/or a fine. There are four categories of felonies.


Capital Degree

Life in prison, life in prison without parole, or death

Unlimited fine

Aggravated murder

First Degree

Five years to life in prison

Up to $10,000 fine

Child kidnapping
Aggravated burglary
Aggravated robbery
Possession with intent to distribute controlled substances near a school

Second Degree

One to 15 years in prison

Up to $10,000 fine

Residential burglary
Auto theft
Forgery of checks $5,000 or more
Theft of property $5,000 or more
Forcible sexual abuse
Intentional child abuse

Third Degree

Zero to five years in prison

Up to $5,000 fine

Burglary of non-dwelling
Theft more than $1,000 but less than $5,000
Aggravated assault
Forgery of checks more than $1,000 but under $5,000
Third DUI in 10 years
Joyriding (for more than 24 hours)
Possession with intent to distribute marijuana
Possession of other controlled substances
False or forged prescriptions

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